All Hail Lucifer

Churches aren’t a regular feature on Wyrd Words & Effigies…(except for when they feature ghosts in the pews) but I simply had to post this astonishing art installation of Lucifer by artist Paul… Continue reading

Tora Wolff

Art from Tora Wolff. (My pseudonym.)


Raw crystal jewellery. Is there honestly anything better? I’m head over head over head again with this raw quartz necklace from Xuanqirabbit. 

And Nature Blessed Them With Its Dark Glory

I really admire artists who don’t settle…who are constantly looking for a new way to present their art to the world. I also admire artists who collaborate with nature, and introduce us to… Continue reading

Bring The Trees Inside

In the forest I’m unable to feel angry. I’m unable to hold onto negative feelings. The trees have a way of lifting the struggles from my shoulders to leave me light, free and… Continue reading

How To Walk In Hooves

How to walk in hooves…it’s got to the point where I’m dreaming of these hoof heels from Oonacat.    

Wood Splitter Lee

When the day comes that I bring a child into this world, some of the first things It’ll see when it opens it’s eyes, will be a gathering of fantasy creatures from Wood… Continue reading


I would wear hoof heels so bad right now… Hoof heels are what I’ve been waiting for my entire life. The creator of these sexy, darkly fantastic soles is Oonacat. I have to… Continue reading

Bring The Stars Back With You

My head has been too busy recently, and sleep is something I’m not too familiar with, so I slipped in love with these double sided throw pillow covers from Belles & Ghosts. Designed… Continue reading

Wear The Moon And The Stars Tonight

There’s something so absolutely calming about the creations from Shadow Play NYC. I feel like if I slipped the moon shawl over my shoulders, I’d immediately connect with the peace of a dark… Continue reading

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