Fashion Witch/Leather Plaited Bracelets

I found these leather plaited bracelets at Jorvik Viking Centre in York. (Jorvik is York city’s original name, the name the Vikings gave to it back in the 9th century.) If you happen… Continue reading

Dark Photography Crush

Jason Blake. You just need to know his name and where you can find him. His photography does all the talking.

Ice Skulls

There’s a lot of people making food stuffs in the shape of skulls nowadays. I’ve seen (actual) sugar skulls and chocolate skulls and jelly sweet skulls and cake skulls and skulls made out… Continue reading

X-Ray Crockery

Stop everything and look at how god damn awesome this snake X-ray plate set from West Elm is. There’s people out there who would buy these plates to use on only one day… Continue reading

We Do Things Differently Where I’m From…

If you’re like me, you’ll want to somehow have all of these wedding cake toppers by Plastic Smith on your big day. They’re amazingly effective in their simplicity and wonderfully unique.    

Fashion Witch/Poison

I rarely wear lipstick…but I couldn’t resist parting with some money the other day in Tesco when my eye happened to catch sight of a deep, deep purple one called ‘Poison.’ What really… Continue reading

Fashion Witch Finds/21

1/Code Tricot      2/Y / Project 3/Serien°Umerica     4/Kenchensf

Raise The Horns For Halloween / Vintage Terror

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I first stumbled upon The Order Of The Good Death when I was creating the first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine earlier on in the year, and I’ve been popping back… Continue reading

These Veiled Figures

I have a new artist obsession – Kevin Francis Gray. These figures on display aren’t royalty, neither are they gods…the sculptures are actually depictions of people Gray encounters in London, mostly people in… Continue reading

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