Evelyn Bencicova

German photographer Evelyn Bencicova has my attention now and always. Beautiful, weird, compelling work.

Selda Okutan

I like jewellery that screams originality. Jewellery that most wouldn’t encounter because it’s just so god damn out there that the observer would have to do a double take and in which time… Continue reading

Interview : Helena Perminger Of Sphæra

I fell upon contemporary art and jewellery emporium Sphæra while browsing through the list of creatives attending the DRK MSS autumn market that took place in October in Stockholm. The attraction to Swedish… Continue reading

Christian Martin Weiss

 Christian Martin Weiss is a multi-talented artist with the ability to unhinge you from reality and take you into another dimension entirely.

Goodnight Moon

I can’t think of a more beautiful, soothing way to start the week than by slipping into the Goodnight Moon photographic series by Leonid Tishkov.

Muddy Raven

One of my favourite Etsy finds of late would have to be Muddy Raven and their handmade, freehand, extremely functional ceramics.

Embraced By Moonlight

The source of my happiness today is this glow in the dark moon cushion by i3Labm. Aswell as making cushions, i3Lab also make zero gravity watches, moon night lights and ultimate-must-have moon door-decor… Continue reading

Harry Potter Redesigned To Glow In The Dark

I never thought I’d be writing about Harry Potter on this blog, then again, I never thought I’d see book covers that glow in the fucking dark! I refused to read HP when it… Continue reading

Sisters of the Black Moon : New

More new products have arrived at one of my most loved sites. Sisters of the Black Moon have introduced a collaboration with the brilliant artist Bill Crisafi in the form of esoteric mugs,… Continue reading

Bring In The New Year In Black

I can’t remember the last time I went out for New Year’s Eve. It was probably about ten years ago or something. I don’t intend on going out this year, but if I… Continue reading

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