Photography by Christopher McKenny.

Excercise In Black

In my dreams, a spokesperson for BARBARA í GONGINI  comes to me and says ‘Katie, we think you’re cool as fuck and want to give you one of every item we make. We’d… Continue reading

Cyclic Press & Krist Mort

I smiled to myself when I heard the news that the phenomenal Cyclic Law Records had established a new publishing division. Cylic Press opened up the company with a publication from Austrian artist… Continue reading

Leather Monkey Skulls

Where the idea for leather monkey skull bags came from I have absolutely no idea. I never would have thought about carrying my fistfuls of change and notes scribbled on receipts in a… Continue reading

Rabbit’s In Masks And A Dead Doe

Oh the fuck k. Darla Jackson may I ask where you’ve been when I’ve had money in my pocket? My heart is currently hanging out through the hole it burst through.

Arctic Blue

A  flash fiction piece from my upcoming book ‘In the hours of Darkness – writings about death and dying.’ Arctic Blue I feed you a handful of pancakes and kiss the white, silky… Continue reading

The Human Hand

Have you ever wondered what a human hand would look like if it was cut in half? Yeah? Me too. Thanks to The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice I now know. And so do you.

Cups With Teeth

Tea keeps the world turning. Fuck coffee. Teethware ENDEsign

In The Spine

It’s no secret that I’m kind of a lot in love with Dellamorte & Co. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve featured their wares on this blog. They’re the sort… Continue reading

Animal Skeleton Pillows

‘Come on over and check out my room. I have pillows with animal skeletons on them…’ is what I would say if I had these beauties casually strewn across my bed. Who would… Continue reading

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