365 Days Of Dark Art : 197 / Diggie Vit

Fascinating and heartbreaking and beautiful capture from photographer Diggie Vit.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 196 / Tim Pile

This empowering image by Birmingham based  photographer Tim Pile is inspiring me on so many different levels.

Sound Of The Day : Kauan

I discovered Russian/Ukranian band Kauan and their post rock sound yesterday. I’m awe of Sorni Nai…a 52 minute single- song opus, created as a dedication to the infamous Djatlov Pass Incident. Below you… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 195 / Ellen Jewett

Artist Ellen Jewett magics each of her sculptures into existence using just fingers and a paintbrush. The sculpture below is entitled ‘Chaperone Of Ghosts.’  

Sound Of The Day : Hexentanz

Sudden urge for the ritualistic sound of Hexentanz today. Mark Of The Witch is a track which truly reigns supreme.

Penny Dreadful : The End

I have been an avid follower of Penny Dreadful since the very beginning. I can remember dreading the end of the series coming, even before the first episode was over. The quality of… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 194 / Ted Pim

An enormous thanks to Bleaq (once again!) for introducing me to new art…today it’s profound portraits crafted by Ted Pim.

Sound Of The Day : Burzum

I’ve been thinking about my favourite Burzum release a lot recently, so made the time for Filosofem today.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 193 / Nicola Hicks

Sometimes I will come across an artist and think ‘uh oh, I’m in trouble now…I can see where this day is going.’ Today the trouble maker is the hugely talented Nicola Hicks.

Sound Of The Day : Phosphorescent

Stumbled across Phosphorescent today…I’ve only listened to two songs from this American songwriter by the name Matthew Houck, but I’m already hooked.