Sound Of The Day : Saiva

Saiva hail from Sweden and create black metal with dark folk influences. Everything I’ve heard from this project has been impeccable, and I just wish there was more substance to their discography. At… Continue reading

Inextremiss photography

I haven’t been able to find much information about Inextremiss Photography, but sometimes it’s best that way…true mystery is a rarity these days.


Inspired by mysticism, symbolism, nature, hermeticism, mythology, history, (symbolist) poetry, painting and limbo, twenty two year old photographer Maxime Simoncelli conjures the sort of mystical sights you would expect to see only in your deepest… Continue reading

New Arrivals At Sisters Of The Black Moon

O, my heart. There you are. And once again, I have been brought close to tears by the new arrivals at the Sisters Of The Black Moon webstore.

Olia Pishchanska

I fall in love with new dark art everyday, and this grey, rainy Sunday morning has introduced me to the sublimely sinister work of Ukraine born, US based photographer Olia Pishchanska.

Nutsa Modebadaze

My heart grew exponentially when it was exposed to the work of leather designer Nutsa Modebadze. Her stunning leather bags, footwear and clothes are all expertly sewn and become more beautiful the longer… Continue reading

Frank Vic

I’m wading my way through the portfolio of shadow master Frank Vik. With little or no explanations next to his work, it’s up to you to make up dark and beautiful stories about… Continue reading

Listen To The Leather

Listen To The Leather is a store based in San Fransisco, which offers handmade, custom bags made without electric tools. Owner Salvatore Grande is part of a dying breed of leather workers. With… Continue reading

Human Sculpture

Bewitched by Vadim Stein’s human sculpture photography.

Gabriel Isak

Surrounding myself with the beautiful, mysterious, thought provoking photography of Swedish born, San Fransisco based photographer Gabriel Isak. I use photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul  by creating photographs that… Continue reading