365 Days Of Dark Art : 235 / Daniel Garzee

All the praise for Daniel Garzee.

Sound Of The Day : Jen Titus

It was the lovely Sarah Elizabeth of Unquiet Things who alerted me to Jen Titus. The track is featured on a spectacularly spooky playlist that she put together for Death & The Maiden.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 234 / Christopher Ryan McKenney

You never know what you’re going to get from Christopher Ryan McKenney…but you can be sure it will unsettle the fuck out of you.

Burial Grounds New Collection : The Medium and the Message

Burial Ground – the collective vision of Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi – give and give and give. Everything this dark artistic venture has put out into the world has stolen parts of… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 233 / Caspar David Friedrich

19th Century German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich’s was a master at conjuring astoundingly sombre art, rich in texture and atmosphere.

Cryptic Cosmetics

My heart grew some bat wings and started flapping when Cryptic Cosmetics crept across my screen. Founded by the inspirational DepcheGirl, Cryptic Cosmetics provides beauty for the obscure. I’m all over the Gore… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 232 / Andrew Wyeth

It’s thanks to Dilkabear that I discovered the late realist painter Andrew Wyeth. Making notes for a poem inspired by this stark, unforgettable piece of art.

Sound Of The Day : Danzig

Danzig’s Am I Demon is summer metal festival music in its purest form.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 231 / Lucia O’Connor McCarthy

Lucia O’Conner McCarthy┬á is the photographer responsible for this most exquisite Gothic capture.

Sound Of The Day : Graveyard Train

Hooked on Graveyard Train, a swampy country band from Australia.