I Need To Start Over

The other day, somebody told me that I 'suck at conversation.' Despite thinking 'that's a bit rude...' I whispered to myself, 'yeah, I know.' Since this depressive episode started over a year ago, I've struggled massively to have deep, meaningful, satisfying conversations. Depression has made me dumb, uninteresting and quiet. Very, very, very quiet. Last… Continue reading I Need To Start Over

I Am In The Strangest Place

I never used to be nervous about writing a blog post. I never used to start and stall, start and stall. I never used to fret about what people might think of how I was expressing myself. But things are different now. I am nervous. I am starting and stalling. I do worry about what… Continue reading I Am In The Strangest Place

I Don’t Know How To Talk About This But I’ll Try Anyway

This time last weekend, two nurses from the Crisis Team sat in my parents living room, clad head to toe in PPE. They were asking me questions about how suicidal I was feeling, and trying to dissuade me from believing that the best place for me to be was in the hospital. I smiled (sadly)… Continue reading I Don’t Know How To Talk About This But I’ll Try Anyway