Carter Murdoch

I was having a wander through my Facebook feed, when up popped a new post from one of my favourite art blogs Bleaq with the art of Carter Murdoch as the focus. His… Continue reading


Back in 2013 I had the opportunity to see Wardruna live at the Southbank Centre in London. The entire performance left me deeply moved, but when Helvegen – one of my all time… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Crown Of Asteria

There’s absolutely nothing better than starting the week with new, dark sounds. In this instance, it’s blackened ambient band Crown of Asteria. This one woman project is handled by the enormously talented Meghan… Continue reading

Haar : The Infernal Sea : Blind Spite

If you live in the North of England and have nothing to do this Thursday night, then I highly recommend that you turn off your phone, put down the lid of your laptop,… Continue reading

Advertise With Wyrd Words & Effigies

I am going to be offering advertising spaces on Wyrd Words And Effigies very soon at extremely good rates. So, if you have a shop/band/blog – anything at all that you would like… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Ereb Altor

Ereb Altor are a band which have released consistently powerful material in the years since their formation in 2003. Their 2015 full-length Nattramn is one more testament to the excellence of this Swedish… Continue reading

Pär Strömberg

The work of Swedish artist Pär Strömberg has touched my soul in ways other art has never managed to. Inspired by nature and folklore, his work will speak to the heart of every… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Nocturnal Depression

Nocturnal Depression have a new album out and it is fucking outstanding. I know we”re not even halfway through the year, but I am going to say that Spleen Black Metal is a… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Burzum

Enjoying an unreleased Burzum track. Varg put it up on his Thulean Perspective YouTube Channel and stated that it’s a guitar and bass rehearsal from 2009.

Negura Bunget, Northern Plague and Agamendon

Went along to a gig in Newcastle last night at The Cluny and here are some of the photos I managed to capture of Negura Bunget, Northern Plague and Agamendon.