365 Days Of Dark Art : 36 / Jon Carling

I owe my thanks to the Gods of Tumblr today, for introducing me to the art of Jon Carling, an Oakland based artist whose precise and sinister imagery is ever so satisfying to… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 35 / Kim Holm

I’ve been an admirer of Norwegian cartoonist Kim Holm for quite a few years now. Kim’s productivity is astounding and he never fails to amaze. The work you see below was created at… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : God Seed

It’s been ages since I’ve listened to God Seed. About five years or something actually. But I happened upon the video for their track Alt Liv today, and have been enjoying both the… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 34 / Shary Boyle

These dark and demented sculptures from Canadian artist Shary BoyleShary Boyle will be the hosts of my nightmares for the foreseeable future.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 33 / Guinevere Von Sneeden

I’ve been following the work of illustrator and fine artist Guinevere Von Sneeden for quite some time now. She is also a good friend and it is a delight to follow her beautiful,… Continue reading

My Other Shadows : Day Thirty Two

Full Moon.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 32 / Mira Nedyalkova

Discovering the art of Mira Nedyalkova was a truly happy accident today. This young and outrageously talented Bulgarian photographer focuses predominately on creating haunting self-portraiture  inspired by beauty, pain and eroticism.

365 Days Of Dark Art : 31 / Amy Haslehurst

Relishing the otherworldly work of Australian born Iceland based artist Amy Haslehurst.  

365 Days Of Dark Art : 30 / Jack Of The Dust

I encountered the work of Andrew Firth AKA Jack Of The Dust yesterday, when I was souring my Facebook feed for inspirational fodder. It was one of his decorative melting skulls that captured… Continue reading

My Other Shadows : Day Thirty One

To bed, to bed, the witching hour is upon us.