The Hair Of The Dead

I’ve been pouring over these images of Victorian ladies with floor length hair for…I don’t know how long now. But can you blame me? They’re beautiful and mysterious and sad. I don’t know… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Loitsu

Something a bit chilled out for today. Loitsu is a dark-acoustic neo folk project that releases music made to transport you to the wild places of the north. The track Auer from their… Continue reading

Bury Me In Leather

I am unhealthy obsessed with Jakimac. Inspired by underground subcultures, the mission of this Los Angeles based design emporium is to redefine the accessory. They state, LOUDLY, that their handcrafted leather goods are… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Kall

The self-titled 2014 debut album from Swedish black metal band Kall is the soundtrack to my day. It’s a mightily diverse release which I’ve found myself returning to time after time.

Matthew J Levin

The work of sculptor Matthew J Levin is the kind of stuff that you will find in the nightmares of the mentally distubed. I want to get inside his head, and watch and… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Anilah

I’ve needed to gather strength from every source today. Warrior by Anilah and featuring Wardruna has been my Sound Of The Day before, but it has a rightful place here again.

Fornhem Video Interview

Fornhem are one band which I can’t praise highly enough. Their music burrowed deep into my bones from the moment I heard it. If you haven’t yet encountered this Swedish black metal duo,… Continue reading


From Russia comes Skrill, an artist whose fear inducing etchings have revived an exhausted heart this evening.

Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

My head has been a complete mess today, so I needed something that would calm me the fuck down. Paleowolf always works wonders for my stress levels. Today I have the track Archaic… Continue reading

Ikuma Nao

Savouring the intricate, horrifying etchings from Japanese artist Ikuma Nao.