The Photography Of Jakob Polomski

When I stumbled across the photography of Jakob Polomski today, my breath left me, and I had to grapple to get it back. It’s so refreshing and exciting to come across a photographer who doesn’t just make your eyes wide to the point that they hurt, but who actually effects your entire body, so much so that you need to sit quietly for a moment so you can ‘come back.’

Polomski’s work has strongly reiterated exactly why escaping to mountains and snow laden landscapes is so damn important to me. It’s not often that a photograph has the capability to make me feel not only stirred, but revitalised to the point that I feel as if I’ve been on a journey to places that shift my soul, shake it out and put it back bright, clean and energised.

Jakub Polomski6

Jakub Polomski5

Jakub Polomski4

Jakub Polomski2











1 thought on “The Photography Of Jakob Polomski”

  1. The fourth one from the top is stunning. So are several others, but that one caught my eye immediately, and refused to let go. I don’t even care for black and white photography very much, but this is just jaw-droppingly beautiful.

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