Monday’s Wyrd Findings

I’m partial to a sexy notebook, and this Rubber Sealed Notebook from Occulter has well and truly seduced me. I love the deep red silk rip cord and the gorgeous, uneven texture of the rubber.

Occulter Rubber Sealed Notebook

I don’t own  a tablet, but if I did, I would have to shake out the bank account for this Nothing Leather Folio/Tablet Case. Created by Derrick Cruz of Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons it’s handcrafted using a single piece of matte black stoned oil leather and is soft and durable with a ‘suede like reaction to touch.’


The Black Backless Dress by AwaveAwake is what I would show people if they asked me what my ideal dress would look like. This is the sort of thing I would wear day in, day out, until it fell off my in tatters, even then I’d gather up the rags and find a use for them. Its soft and shaped and made with ethically sourced silk and all-natural plant dyes. In my eyes, this piece is perfection.


The photograph you see here is taken from the book “Facies Dolorosa: Das Schmerzensreiche Antlitz (faces of the realm of pain) by Hans Killian, 1934. It features German hospital patients near death.

 Hans Killian

“I don’t like when he walks around at night.” – Insidious

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