Meanwhile In Antarctica

The first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies magazine is focused on death and dying. I’ve tried to ensure it has a good amount of original takes on the subject, from as wide a variety of people as possible. What struck me with this piece of art when I stumbled across it on Facebook was its uniqueness. Sure, Antarctica’s belly is swollen with its dead, but not many people, it would seem (and if I’m wrong, pull me up and educate me) tackle the subject of ‘death in Antarctica’ through art, which in my opinion is a real shame.


meanwhile in antarctic by prcrstln.

Art by Elina Grethen.


Perhaps the most famous piece of art which represents death at the bottom of the world is A Very Gallant Gentleman by John Charles Dollman, featuring Captain Lawrence Oates staggering to his death. 

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