Melting Ice

If you happen to be traversing the Swiss Alps this summer, be on the lookout for ancient artifacts. The Swiss Cultural Institute urges all hikers who find anything in the National Park in Eastern Switzerland to report back to Swiss Alpine Club huts. A wealth of finds including hunting tools, goat-skin leggings and shoes have already been uncovered, as large areas of ice melt away.


STW_Low_Res_CD_01 STW_High_Res_CD_04

Ötzi the iceman was discovered by German tourists in the Alps in 1991. Tests revealed that he dated back to 3,300 BC and, amazingly, his body still contained intact blood cells. He was so well preserved scientists were able to determine the last meal he ate. In case you’re wondering it contained grains and the meat of an ibex. Scientists also discovered that after his hearty feed, Ötzi was murdered…for more intriguing information about the Swiss Alps search click here, and for Ötzi click here.



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