Harry Potter Redesigned To Glow In The Dark

I never thought I’d be writing about Harry Potter on this blog, then again, I never thought I’d see book covers that glow in the fucking dark! I refused to read HP when it first burst onto the scene back in 1997. (By that time in my life, I’d decided that I didn’t want to move with the crowd.) It was about a decade later that I decided to give it a shot and, as it turned out, I really bloody enjoyed it.

What you are seeing here, is the work of a design student from Hungary by the name Kincső Nagy.  She redesigned the covers of all of the Harry Potter books using simple – but massively effective in their minimalism – laser-cut shapes. But that’s not all. The immensly talented student also crafted playful illustrations for the insides. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking ‘damn these would look fine on my bookshelf!’








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