Sound Of The Day : Bergraven

Starting my Sunday off with some Swedish black metal. I’ve recently discovered progressive bm band Bergraven and have been enjoying their 2007 full-length Dodsvisioner. I usually approach progressive/post bm with a level of skepticism because, more often than not, I’m let down. But  Bergraven have demolished any doubts I may have harboured.

4 thoughts on “Sound Of The Day : Bergraven”

      1. Finally got a chance to sit down and check them out, only two minutes in and I’m loving it! I think I better browse your blog for more new music 😉 I’ve been needing more stuff to listen to, as I get stuck on the same old albums!

      2. I’m so pleased!! 😀 I’ve been desperate for new music too…I went on Metal Archives the other night and wrote down hundreds of new bands to check out. That site is a precious treasure!

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