Aliza Razell

Photographer Aliza Razell often likes to mix mediums to create beautiful, wonderfully surreal photography. With many of her works, I feel as if I have one foot in the real world, the other in a mystical land, where anything is possible.

1395887_304339246438768_7385076815625353791_n 1965005_288170601388966_6542365839234990443_n 10290666_274931176046242_1082020819247054850_n 10421387_313336412205718_3166228648705573577_n 10452988_320154098190616_8664409843283353713_o 10455647_304260383113321_2085918477743004389_n 10462405_326222504250442_3397418465347519742_n 10494542_276495099223183_8436060625515860025_n 10606532_283133275226032_2490659584427960095_n

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