Pär Strömberg : Darkness Visible

Swedish artist Pär Strömberg creates art that embodies the dark, ancient power of the cold north. Influenced by long winters and sparse light, mysterious forests and iced peaks, Strömberg’s work calls to all souls whose hearts ache for wild, northern lands.

When I discovered Strömberg had a book of his art available, I ordered it pretty much straight away. When Darkness Visible arrived, and I leafed through it for the first time, I almost cried. I was taken back to where my heart calls home, back to Scandinavia with its dense, dark forests and jagged mountain peaks. Back to thigh deep snow drifts and chilled depths of quiet lakes. Back to wooden huts huddled between boulders blanketed in moss. Back to the territory of the trolls and hidden folk.

Darkness Visible is a deeply evocative, extremely enjoyable viewing experience. Many pages are dedicated to single pieces of art, but there’s also close-up features of certain pieces which enable a deeper insight into Strömberg’s techniques. The book includes fascinating views about his work by art professionals as well as a brief introduction to the artist himself.

“Pär Strömberg work seems to be a homage to the old worlds and the old gods. Hailing from Orebro, educated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, now back living and working in Sweden – Stromberg shows us worlds of mystical natural forces, long forgotten in our modern age of high-speed technology paranoia. Nature strikes back at the insignificant, puny humans.” – Daniel Bertina

“Sumptuous landscapes with forests, seas, ice and mountains. Sharp contrasts between light and dark. Nature looms ominously and mysteriously in Pär Strömberg’s art. Far removed from the colorists – the palate here is black, white and grey – he nevertheless works in a classic, modernistic painting tradition. – Frida Cornell

If you are like me, and are unable to spend an hour, let alone a day without thinking about the landscapes of Scandinavia, then I highly recommend you invest in Darkness Visible. It can be found here.



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