Paletree Arcana

Bianca Havens is an inspirational wyrd woman. Sole owner and creator of jewellery emporium Paletree Arcana, Havens provides ‘magical adornments for a mundane world.’ By using stones, crystals, raw gems, bones and other magic infused elements, Heavens handcrafts wearable art of sculptural quality, where no two items are the same.

As I have made clear many time already on Wyrd Words & Effigies, I am extremely selective when it comes to jewellery, and will only write a post about pieces that fully enchant me. In this case, I have been enchanted over and over again as I’ve wandered my way through her online store. It’s also a delight to visit a store stocking jewellery that is actually affordable!

Every piece I craft is made with magical intent and purpose and find exactly where they need to be with their new home and serve there user to the fullest.’

– Bianca Heavens.

I highly recommend you head to her Etsy page where you can invest in her wearable magic, and also learn much more about her creative process at the About page. Below are some of my favourite pieces. I nearly alwats go for quartz and silver when investing in a piece of jewellery. I’ve felt a closeness to quartz and silver since a young age, and the pale combination of the two beautifully accompanies my all black ensemble.






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