Celestial Animals

French artist Julien Salaud has created an installation as part of his Stellar Cave series which is unlike anything I have seen before. Salaud used cotton thread coated in ultraviolet paint and thousands of nails, to craft intricate and utterly breathtaking representations of creatures including deers, bears and wolves. What makes this installation even more enchanting, is that when the viewer looks up, it is as thought they are peering at at a part of the night sky, and the creatures, in their geometric formations, appear like constellations.

JulienSalaud4 JulienSalaud5 JulienSalaud7 JulienSalaud8 JulienSalaud9 JulienSalaud12 JulienSalaud13 JulienSalaud14 JulienSalaud16 JulienSalaud1 JulienSalaud2 JulienSalaud3


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