Runes Of Iron

Boreal Forge is the life work of Blacksmith Douglas Morlock. Working in iron, silver, gold and stell, Morlock creates some of the most beautiful Viking jewellery that I have ever seen.

I am a Blacksmith. I earn my living through the strength of my arm and the sweat of my brow, hammering out tools and works of art as our ancestors did for two-thousand generations, until the steam-engine sealed our fate and liberated humanity from a life of constant toil. Make that “The rest of humanity”. The hours for a modern blacksmith are as long as ever. – Douglas Morlock

Though I have fallen in love with the jewellery from Boreal Forge, I am being pulled towards his Elder Furthark Iron Runes which are individually forged and come inside a study leather pouch.

il_570xN.163400135 il_570xN.740458860_nhfp il_570xN.741336714_mmxv il_570xN.741459515_75ef

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