Those Of The Unlight : An Exhibition By Pär Strömberg

11037322_10153401174100189_7011309093505107397_nIf you have been following this blog for a few months, it’s unlikely that you will have missed my posts on the work of Swedish artist Pär Strömberg. (In case you did, here’s a review on his sublime book Darkness Visible, a tome I can’t recommend highly enough and which you can buy here.) I’ve been keeping up to date with the prolific artist, and am excited to tell you that he will be exhibiting a painting project entitled ‘Those of the Unlight,’ which features intense, haunting imagery of black metal girls. The exhibit will be in Stockholm at Riche Lilla Baren. It opens on Tuesday 1 September 5-8 pm and lasts for four weeks. There will be more information on this, and Pär’s other forthcoming exhibitions as it becomes available so keep checking back for updates.

I plan on making the trip to Stockholm for my 29th Birthday next month. I will be going with the intention of writing a review of the exhibit, so if any of you people reading this intend on making the trip, and think you would like to be briefly interviewed about your impressions of Pär’s work, please drop me a line at It would be great to talk to you.

Keep up to date with Pär’s work here.

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