Joseph Michael

Photographer Joseph Michael has captured some of the most beautiful, nature inspired photographs that I’ve seen in a long time. The imagery you’re viewing below contains glowworms caught on camera in their natural habitat, which just happens to be caves – that are millions of years old – in New Zealand.

Arachnocampa luminosa is a species of glowworm endemic to the island nation of New Zealand. These long exposure photographs were captured in a number of limestone caves in the North Island. The 30 million year old formations form a majestic backdrop to the bioluminescence of the glowworms. – Joseph Michael

Joseph-Michael-Luminosity4-565x377 Joseph-Michael-Luminosity7-565x377 Joseph-Michael-Luminosity9-565x377 Joseph-Michael-Luminosity12-565x377 Joseph-Michael-Luminosity15a-565x377


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