Review : Merchandise From Níðhöggr Studio

I’ve been a follower of Níðhöggr Studio since its inception in 2013 and it has been fascinating to watch as Phil Robinson, the man behind the art, has developed his style.

Níðhöggr Studio is a UK based graphic design company which ‘exists for the sole purpose of supporting the malevolent soundscapes of the obscure and the enigmatic; specialising in digital artwork and graphic design for the black metal underground.

Recently, Phil has produced a number of merch products for Níðhöggr Studio, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on three postcards and a pin badge.


What I Love About Níðhöggr Studio And My Merch

The Service

My merch arrived – just a few days after Phil sent it – immaculately packaged in a stiff cardboard envelope. Inside, I found my postcards in a matte black envelope, and my pin badge in bubble wrap. Everything was in pristine condition. I’ve worked with Phil on numerous projects before, so I wasn’t surprised that everything looked fantastic. He has always been a perfectionist when it comes to his art, and this is something I greatly admire.


The Appearance And Design Of The Postcards And Pin
All three postcards bowled me over. One of the first things that struck me was the quality of the prints. So sharp and clean, and the black…oh my friends, the black of these postcards is magnificently deep. Printed on A6 350g/m2 gloss laminated card, these are some of the most durable postcards I’ve ever handled. They arrived in a C6 100g/m2 jet black envelope, which Phil has left unsealed so it can be used again.


The macabre artwork that Phil produces is exactly the sort of art that I love to scream about here on Wyrd Words & Effigies. I would say that the ‘Járnviðr’ (the one with the forest) is my favourite, and the one which had the biggest impact. Primarily because the northern forests play such a large role in my life.


On the back of each postcard, there’s the title of the art and details about Níðhöggr Studio. There isn’t a massive amount of space if you should, say, want to write a note, but to be honest, these postcards deserve to be mounted in frames instead of ending up battered and torn on a doormat.


I’ve only recently started to become interested in using pin badges, so the gorgeously presented pin featuring the Níðhöggr Studio logo is a very welcome addition to my small collection. I think that Phil gives a pin badge with every order, as I haven’t seen them available in his shop.



Other Important Details:

All postcards are limited to 50 copies.

Price: £1 each

You can buy your own postcards here.


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