The Occult Colouring Book

I fucking loved colouring in as a kid. I mean, I really fucking loved it. Me and my felt tip pens and a humongous slab of of a book filled with terrible paper and badly inked elephants and clowns and all that happy shit. I’d sit quietly for hours at a time, painstakingly colouring in, making sure NEVER to go outside the lines. Once a perfectionist, always a perfectionist. And now, some creative soul has gone and created an actual occult themed colouring book, and I want one. Pretty badly. If you’re anything like me, and love a good excuse to escape from the world for several hours at a time, you can get your copy here and check out some preview pages below.

The Occult Colouring Book features twenty intricate and original line-art fantasy illustrations for your colouring pleasure. Inspired by the occult and the esoteric, from the pen of fantasy illustrator DS Blake. This book contains some sexually suggestive and/or violent or macabre images and is designed to be enjoyed and coloured by adults.”