Support The Rise Of Rimfrost!

The other day, my man (the vocalist and guitarist of Swedish black metal band Rimfrost) presented me with a gift…a new Rimfrost t-shirt hot of the press!

I’m not one for keeping my shirts intact, so I hacked off the collar and arms before taking it out into the snow for a photoshoot with my beautiful witch @erzabethbathory. The photos down below are what we captured of each other.





If you’re one of the supporters of this bm band who’re changing the face of the Swedish extreme metal scene, you better be quick in ordering yourself a shirt…they’re selling as fast as a bat out of hell!

The sizes that are left are S, M and XXL and to order, just head to the Rimfrost Facebook page and send the band a private message. (They’ll get back asap…they’re not the kind of band that leaves their fans waiting years for a reply).

The price of a shirt is 10 Euro plus shipping and I can tell you that you’re getting an absolute bargain. The t-shirt itself is Fruit of the Loom, so the quality is exceptional. The print is epic and sharp enough to cut yourself on.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Rimfrost and have yet to experience their unique, bombastic sound, here’s a shortcut to one of the best songs from their most recent album, the self-titled Rimfrost which was released last year by Non Serviam Records.



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