Rimfrost At Vicious Rock Festival

My man’s project, the Swedish Black Metal band Rimfrost played at Vicious Rock Festival  this weekend just gone.

It’s always a challenge deciding whether to bang my head and raise my horns, or capture as much as I can on camera…I’m writing this post as I listen to my man work on a solo for their up-coming track…it’s an honour of the greatest kind.

If you haven’t had the grim pleasure of experiencing Rimfrost before, I’ve put a few of my favourite tracks underneath for you to listen to at your leisure.

If you find that you are – shock horror – getting somewhat bored with this new wave of hipster black metal, Rimfrost may well be your antidote. Mixing several including death, thrash and heavy metal in with their distinct black metal sound, it’s virtually impossible to find yourself thinking ‘meh, heard this before…’ or getting bored after one track.

Over the years I’ve been getting harder and harder to please when it comes to black metal, but – and I’d say this even if I wasn’t with the main man – Rimfrost satisfy on every level and I’m continually left howling for more.


Over the fields he flies
In a drowning world of lies
Rides through the nocturnal night
As one, as one he took his flight
Over the mountains he rides
Beyond, beyond the fading sun
The last creature alive
He seeks his end…
He seeks his end!

– Void Of Time



When one day becomes my last
And a new one starts again
When my life has reached it’s end…

Can’t we feel the essence of life
What makes people say a prayer?
It’s just empty words

Every journey has it’s ending
Now it’s my time to walk the line
Before I’m dead and gone
I remember all the years I’ve won

– Legacy Through Blood


“The judgement day is here
Far from the north
Ancient rites sets us free
Unhallowed we approach
Winters cold biting nights
Everything lies frozen
The world has ended
This is the Freezing Inferno”

– Freezing Inferno


The battle of the damned has ended
And the mist sweeps over the unholy earth
Ashes of the soil
The course is set
Bringing back from death
Breathing in the brimstone
The graves of the unhallowed are opened
I am entering the shadows of the fallen
The resurrection of the wicked three
Has begun…

– Ride The Storm


I’m leaving this world behind
And I’ll enter the kingdom of rime
When I walk the fields of home
Then I know…
The Raventhrone is mine

– The Raventhrone



Veraldar Nagli you shine in your blaze
In slaughter and fire we worship thy name
Even after death we follow thy flame
Can you see my stand now walk me home
Hand in hand on the journey to my greater end…
Ashes to ashes bones to dust
My withering heart and soul to you I trust
Now show me the road as you lead me ahead
Find me peace and a place to land
Give me rest now while I’m dead

– Veraldar Nagli


Beyond the way ravens avoid to fly
On icy paths horses refuse to ride
A never blessed land
In this dimension evil takes root

The moon is the source of light
In valleys and hills far away
Northernmost the mountains rest
A land untouched so pure it lay

– A Frozen World Unknown




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