Rimfrost : Listen To The New Rimfrost Single

Today the single my man @hravndecmiester and his band @rimfrostofficial have been toiling over is released!

I’ve had the good fortune to experience ‘A Clash Under The Northern Wind’…and can tell you that the 11 minute track (which does not feel like 11 minutes) brings Rimfrost into a whole new era. Click on the photo to be taken to the track on Bandcamp.


The close to eleven minutes long, epic track is a taste of what will dawn on everyone after the bands latest release: ”Rimfrost” 2016 -Non Serviam Records.

Dedicated to the Swedish county Värmland, and in particular our hometown Hagfors, where the band formed and founding members grew up. It is a celebration to the history and the dark mystic forces embracing the nature and its own being.

Sit back and enjoy the brute force and journey into the unknown and let ”A Clash Under The Northern Wind” leave you thirsty for more.

Reviewers have been all over ‘A Clash…’ ranking it between 9 and 9.5.  If you’re interested in reading what these folk (with clearly impeccable taste) had to say, you can find one review here in Greek, and another here in German.

Listen here!

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