Interview : Rebecca Conrad Of Hell Couture

I discovered Hell Couture last year, and since my first sightings of Rebecca Conrad's extreme metal inspired garments, I've been building up the courage to learn how to sew and make my own clothes. Catching sight of her Windir hooded top the other day was the good shove I needed to make a start on… Continue reading Interview : Rebecca Conrad Of Hell Couture

Interview : Josh Walker Of Colourblind

The day I encountered the writing of fashion journalist Josh Walker I nearly wept. This colourblind wordsmith shapes his experiences in the fashion world into online content that is beautiful, descriptive and deeply evocative. I never knew fashion writing could move me in such a way. As well as being a fashion writer and editor,… Continue reading Interview : Josh Walker Of Colourblind

Dark Garments From Israel

Over the past few months, I've found a considerable amount of Etsy stores based in Israel, crafting and selling the sorts of dark, comfortable, utterly divine garments that I would wear day in, day out. My latest discovery is Blush Fashion. Their store isn't exclusively black, but they have plenty of choices for those of… Continue reading Dark Garments From Israel

The Industry : Vintage Clothing

I would say that about 95% of my clothing comes from charity shops. 4% of my wardrobe stock is made up of hand-me-downs, and 1% of my stuff is bought new. I like nothing better than rooting through racks and baskets and piles, hunting for the perfect thing. So, when I come across decent second… Continue reading The Industry : Vintage Clothing