Sound Of The Day : Darkthrone

Have I been living in a cave for the past several months or was Darkthrone's 16th album Arctic Thunder something of a monumental flop? (Though I have to admit I'm a sucker for the album title which was, for  the record, the name of a Norwegian heavy metal band who were active from the mid … Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Darkthrone


Sound Of The Day : Sarkrista

And once again I turn to German black metal project Sarkrista. They were also my Sound Of The Day here. This time around, I'm relishing their 2015 EP The Evil Incarnate. This furious, pummeling, evil as fuck release is just what the day ordered.

Sound Of The Day : Tomhet

Some raw and nasty black metal to finish the weekend off. Tomhet hail from Sweden and the sounds you're about to experience are two tracks taken from their Apokalypsimz Legend cassette which was released back in 2009.

Sound Of The Day : Krowos

I was introduced to the sounds of Italian black metal band Krowos yesterday evening by a friend, and between then and now have become completely obsessed with their track Simulacrum's Damnation taken from their 2012 split Ex Profunditate Animae with fellow Italian bm project Anar.