Sound Of The Day : Sviatibor

Some French pagan black metal to kick the weekend off. Sviatibor is fronted by Thomas Hornstein. He formed Sviatibor back in 2013 and has, since then, been ridiculously productive, producing four full-lengths and numerous singles, EP's and compilations. The track you're about to listen to has been taken from his upcoming album Dans La Splendeur… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Sviatibor

Sound Of The Day : Burzum

I am an enormous fan of Varg's 2014 album offering The Ways of Yore, especially the third track Heill Odinn. It has a beautiful hypnotism about it which calms my head like nothing else can. Sit back. Close your eyes. Absorb. If you have the time, take in the full album this evening. I intend… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Burzum

Sound Of The Day : Downfall Of Nur

It was the intriguing, brooding visuals of this band which enticed me to click on Light Fox's YouTube link and investigate what they had to offer. Downfall of Nur hail from Argentina and create black metal that is refreshingly varied and utterly captivating. I've had the track Downfall of Nur taken from their 2015 full-length… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Downfall Of Nur

Sound Of The Day : Nocturnal Depression

Today has been a bad day for black metal. Everything which I've listened to has been turned off in disgust. Far too many bands are taking the post rock approach with their black metal and it is doing my head in. As I was on the verge of killing someone, I decided to turn to… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Nocturnal Depression

Sound Of The Day : Fornhem

Today was a wasted, stressful day...up until Fornhem entered it. This Swedish black metal project is exactly what I need right now to shed all my gathered angst and frustration. The track you are about to hear is taken from the band's up-coming album, set to be released this year. I honestly think it's one of… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Fornhem