A Few Things I’m Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021

A Few Things I'm Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021 This list isn't particularly vast and mostly features books I want to read, but it was only several weeks ago that I started to feel a sense of optimism about the future after a very long time with no hope whatsoever. I hope… Continue reading A Few Things I’m Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021

4 Wyrd Crates I Want To Subscribe To Today

How late am I to this crate subscription thing? I have the feeling it's been quite a long while since it kicked off, at least a couple of years. But like usual, I'm late to the party and scrabbling to catch up. My first introduction to the craze was via Witch Casket and Wioleth, who… Continue reading 4 Wyrd Crates I Want To Subscribe To Today

Review : The Ghastling – Book One

Now, where did I first see The Ghastling...I think it was over on Instagram but I can't exactly be sure. All I know is that suddenly it was in my life, and I burnt my fingers typing in my bank account details to purchase the first book in the five book series. I had a… Continue reading Review : The Ghastling – Book One

Review Of The Rude Adventures Of Trenchfoot And An Interview With The Author

When author Reuben Dendinger contacted me about his debut novel The Rude Adventures of Trenchfoot, I leapt at the chance of being able to review what he described as a raw, dark, weird fantasy story, weaved with magic, peril, strangeness and satire. A week or so later, I had my hands on a copy and,… Continue reading Review Of The Rude Adventures Of Trenchfoot And An Interview With The Author

Sticky Monsters

My youngest brother ought to be a personal shopper for odd folk who don't know what to buy for their favourite odd person. Yesterday he presented me with the gift of John Kenn Mortensen's book Sticky Monsters and I went slightly hysterical. I'm a big fan of the Danish artist's work. If you're not familiar… Continue reading Sticky Monsters

Interviews : 2014

I've talked to some extremely interesting individuals this year! Click on the images to find and read the interviews from 2014. Then get prepared for a wealth of new introductions in 2015.    

Harry Potter Redesigned To Glow In The Dark

I never thought I'd be writing about Harry Potter on this blog, then again, I never thought I'd see book covers that glow in the fucking dark! I refused to read HP when it first burst onto the scene back in 1997. (By that time in my life, I'd decided that I didn't want to move… Continue reading Harry Potter Redesigned To Glow In The Dark

Dracula Redesigned

Dracula (I'm talking about the book here) has received multiple face lifts over the years, but I would have to say that the old book covers are still the most effective. With many modern designs, the story is often lost behind bold coloured, bland graphic design. The old versions seem to retain a certain dark… Continue reading Dracula Redesigned