Interview : Black Metal Project Bròn

I regularly find myself close to shutting down my Facebook account, and abandoning my timeline forever...but then I'll come across a project like Bròn, and decide against it, thinking 'what if I miss out on learning about other great bands?' I'm often scatterbrained when on Facebook, and my attention is spread far too thinly. But… Continue reading Interview : Black Metal Project Bròn

Bring The Trees Inside

In the forest I'm unable to feel angry. I'm unable to hold onto negative feelings. The trees have a way of lifting the struggles from my shoulders to leave me light, free and clear headed. I think bringing pieces of nature indoors can help soothe the minds and souls of all the inhabitants. I've fallen… Continue reading Bring The Trees Inside

Her skull? It’s on the wall

You know those hundreds of tea lights you have shoved at the back of the cupboard? Well, here's the perfect excuse to take them out of the dark and get them giving some light. This skull sconce candle holder, with a dirty steel finish is cast in solid plaster. The creator was inspired to make… Continue reading Her skull? It’s on the wall