Interview : Black Metal Project Bròn

I regularly find myself close to shutting down my Facebook account, and abandoning my timeline forever...but then I'll come across a project like Bròn, and decide against it, thinking 'what if I miss out on learning about other great bands?' I'm often scatterbrained when on Facebook, and my attention is spread far too thinly. But… Continue reading Interview : Black Metal Project Bròn

Bring The Stars Back With You

My head has been too busy recently, and sleep is something I'm not too familiar with, so I slipped in love with these double sided throw pillow covers from Belles & Ghosts. Designed with a soothing, chalk grey fabric and smatterings of stars, they're easy and gentle on the senses.          … Continue reading Bring The Stars Back With You

Wear The Moon And The Stars Tonight

There's something so absolutely calming about the creations from Shadow Play NYC. I feel like if I slipped the moon shawl over my shoulders, I'd immediately connect with the peace of a dark night. Fabrics and patterns and textures can feed into our psyche and magically soothe us until calm creeps quietly back.    

Celestial Art

Connecting with a piece of art is one of the finest pleasures in life. Connecting with a collection of art is an almost overwhelmingly glorious experience. Elise Mahan has rubbed stars, ice, forests and handfuls of northern light into the four chambers of this heart of mine.