Interview : Kristen Phillips Of FloridXFauna

When I first laid eyes on the jewelry designs from LA based creative soul Kristen Phillips of Floridxfauna I screamed. Jewelry that packs such a powerful punch to the heart doesn't come around too often. I knew that I needed to have one of her pieces or...I'd die or something. (I was gifted with the… Continue reading Interview : Kristen Phillips Of FloridXFauna

Veiled Ghosts

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the work of Italian contemporary sculptor Livio Scarpella since I first encountered it a few days ago. His ghostly sculptures, craved from stone (extremely hard to believe) and embedded with crystals have a living human delicacy about them. I feel that if I were to place a… Continue reading Veiled Ghosts

Icy Crystal

If I had it my way, I would sit down for a hot beverage in a shady spot with each creative person I come across. When I find Etsy stores that contain page after page of utterly exquisite things, a little voice pipes up 'isn't the creator of all this stuff just fucking inspirational? Don't… Continue reading Icy Crystal