Rotten Fantom

A lot of occult artists come on by my Facebook timeline, but it's been a while since something has stolen my attention as successfully as Rotten Fantom have. Composed of Elena Snegotskaya and Vladimir Snegotskiy they create art work that is rich with detail and dark atmosphere.  You can find their work for sale at… Continue reading Rotten Fantom


So my heart has found another reason to go wild. Fashion brand InAisce (Pronounced “in-ask-ee”) swept into my life this afternoon. Besotted doesn't even begin to cover it. The focus of the brand is on pattern and technique innovation, distinctive detailing, and meticulously-developed fabrics. The studio surroundings are reflected in the structure and architectural lines,… Continue reading INAISCE

X-Ray Crockery

Stop everything and look at how god damn awesome this snake X-ray plate set from West Elm is. There's people out there who would buy these plates to use on only one day of the year - yeah, you know which. Me on the other hand - and if you're reading this blog I suspect… Continue reading X-Ray Crockery