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Obsession : Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip Shades

I’m writing like a mad woman in the hope that, come February when Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lip Shades collection is updated with 25 new shades, I’ll be able to invest and… Continue reading

Obsession : Handwoven By Ovate

Despite being extremely over my budget, I’m still swooning over the Handwoven collection by Ovate, especially the Handwoven Headscarf in black wool and grey alpaca.    

Anu Tera : Exclusive Amethyst Cuff/Necklace

One day I will own a piece from Anu Tera…sadly today is not that day. Apparently I need all of my organs. But maybe you can get one for yourself? This gorgeous amethyst… Continue reading

Shopping In The Dark : Deandri

Over at Haute Macabre the other week they posted a photo of a dress from Los Angeles based apparel Deandri and I nearly fucking died. I mean, my heart just went ‘okay, that’s… Continue reading

Secret Wood

Ages after I first encountered the hand crafted rings from Secret Wood, I’m still asking myself ‘How are these even real?’ Made in Vancouver using jewellery resin and fine wood, no one ring… Continue reading

Wearing October : My Favourite Broomstick Necklaces

It was Burial Ground’s Broomstick Necklace which established my infatuation for broomsticks small enough to wear around my throat. Since my first encounter I’ve kept a keen eye on the inter-web, scooping up… Continue reading

Sisters Of The Black Moon : Tundra

Quite in love with Sisters Of The Black Moon recently unveiled hat line Tundra. I’m particularly smitten with the dramatic Tundra IV.

Manuel Diaz Brand

Dark fashion visionary Manuel Diaz Brand constructs the most exquisite body armour for the modern warrior woman.

Nuit FW 2016

I’ve been an avid watcher of everything that Anastasia Ikonnikova of Nuit has been crafting since the beginning of her venture in 2012. I’ve yet to be in the position where I can… Continue reading


It’s been a while since I caught up with the work of blogger and fashion designer Stephanie Brown AKA Faiint, so today I had a browse through her gorgeously styled site for a… Continue reading