I’ve Opened A New Shop : True To My Wyrd

Last week I spent about 50 hours prepping designs and setting up my new shop True To My Wyrd, which explains the deathly silence here. But let me tell you, I hadn't had so much fun in fucking ages. I actually felt guilty because I was enjoying myself so bloody much, eventhough the majority of… Continue reading I’ve Opened A New Shop : True To My Wyrd

DIY In The Dark : The Blair Witch Project Stick Figure

The Blair Witch Project is, in my humble opinion, one of the best horror films. I've talked about it several times before so I won't ramble about its greatness. Recently though I've been feeling this strong as hell desire to craft one of the stick figurines. I think it might have something to do with… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : The Blair Witch Project Stick Figure

Time For You To Meet The Blair Witch…Again

I watched the Blair Witch the other night. The new one. As a devotee to the witch in the woods, I'm a little bit ashamed that it's taken me SO LONG to check it out...but in all honesty it's come down to cold, hard cash. I couldn't afford to see it at the cinema, and… Continue reading Time For You To Meet The Blair Witch…Again

Words On Anneliese Michel

It takes a lot to scare me, ok? But last night, when I was working on an article about possessed kids, I found myself too fucking terrified to finish what I was doing. I needed to put my laptop down and fucking burn it into bed. I didn't even switch off the lights, brush my… Continue reading Words On Anneliese Michel

My Heart Has Joined The Thousand

Today I learned about the passing of Richard Adams, the author of the novel Watership Down, a book to which I owe so much. We had the cartoon adaptation from 1978 on VHS and I watched it repeatedly throughout my childhood, at least a few times a week for several years and then a couple… Continue reading My Heart Has Joined The Thousand

Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

After the popularity of my last Instagram series, The Witches & Wraiths of Instagram, I decided to start Intriguing Instas, a new, regular series with a broader focus. Funnily enough though, this first post is dedicated to witchcraft...what are the chances of that happening?! Since watching The VVitch last month, my senses have been turned… Continue reading Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

Live Deliciously

Mere moments after I've posted a gift list dedicated to The VVitch, something verging on the line of perfection¬† comes into view on Etsy. Eventhough I don't touch whisky (don't ask why, I don't want to remember...) I feel compelled to snatch one of these¬† vinyl wrapped stainless steel hip flasks honouring Black Phillip. Not… Continue reading Live Deliciously

Rimfrost : Documentary Unleashed

Several months ago, my man and I were out walking in the forests of Hagfors when we conceived an idea...to make a documentary about his black metal band Rimfrost. The plan was to make a film that would stand apart from the stereotypical misanthropic insight into black metal because Rimfrost are anything but your typical… Continue reading Rimfrost : Documentary Unleashed