Gloom Matter

I like to adorn my home in the weirdest kind of stuff...and if I had the cash to hand, I would be throwing it in the direction of Gloom Matter. I would take one or two of their rib cage lamps, one of their torso inspired soap holders, several bars of their human tongue soap... … Continue reading Gloom Matter


Tree Seer

I honestly can't imagine my life without Etsy. This platform - so quiet and humble in its brilliance - provides spaces for the unique work of equally unique individuals. I'm delighted to be able to spread the word about the exquisite creations I uncover. The latest store to set my heart on fire is Wales … Continue reading Tree Seer

The Gnarled Branch

Artist David Irvine of Gnarled Branch is the one behind this fantastically dark Christmas ornaments. But for those of us who are a bit strange...I'm pretty sure they would look striking hung up anywhere, at any time of the year.

Embraced By Moonlight

The source of my happiness today is this glow in the dark moon cushion by i3Labm. Aswell as making cushions, i3Lab also make zero gravity watches, moon night lights and ultimate-must-have moon door-decor stickers.  

Moon Phases

I don't normally invite people around for tea. I'm an antisocial introvert who prefers to company of her books and music...but if I happened to be in possession of this moon phase coaster set by Common Rebels, I might be tempted.