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The Hyperborean Shadows Series : Norwegian Rat

The Hyperborean Shadows Series is an ongoing feature that will focus on the dwellers of Scandinavia, and their portrayal of northern landscapes, cultures and traditions through different forms of dark art. There are… Continue reading

Interview : Lukas Feigelfeld Director Of Hagazussa

It has been a long while since a decent psychological horror has come my way, tapped into my senses and left me deeply disturbed. So I was thrilled when I was sent a… Continue reading

Interview : Downfall of Nur

Downfall of Nur is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting black metal projects to emerge in the past few years, with a debut full-length (Umbras de Barbagia) that stole my attention… Continue reading

Interview : Gratzug

Offenbarung from Gratzug’s third full-length release of the same title was my introduction to this outstanding German black metal project, fronted by the multi-talented Mephistopheles. I have inserted the track below and strongly… Continue reading

Interview : Paleowolf

Paleowolf is the sort of music project that comes along once in a blue moon, and as much as Facebook annoys me a lot of the time, I have to thank it for… Continue reading

Interview : Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Organiser Of BlekkMetal

When I first heard about tattoo/black metal festival BlekkMetal a few weeks ago, my excitement levels went off the richter scale. It didn’t take me long to get in touch with organiser and… Continue reading

Interview : Elena Helfrecht

The first time I discovered the art of Elena Helfrecht it touched me in such a way that I was unable to think about little else for a very long time. Over a… Continue reading

Interview : Fornhem

I find it incredible how a song can turn a bad day into something really quite magnificent.That’s what happened when I first encountered Swedish black metal project Fornhem. For hours I submerged myself… Continue reading

Interview : Jaimie Lake Of Velvit

Online gallery and concept-store Velvit is somewhere I like to spend my time. This beautiful web portal specialises in introducing its visitors to independent artists and designers working to create dark art, be… Continue reading

Interview : Nymla

The extraordinary, fantastical creations of multi-talented Swedish Craftswoman Caroline Eklund (Nymla) are inspired by legends and history, fantasy, nature and Scandinavian folklore. If I find myself under the influence of a depression, I… Continue reading