Spreading The Dark Word

If you would like to see your creative work featured and reviewed on Wyrd Words & Effigies, don't hesitate to get in touch. I established this blog (and soon to be magazine) with the goal of celebrating all that is strange, and like nothing better than spreading the dark word about oddities that I believe… Continue reading Spreading The Dark Word

Review & Interview: The City Fox Literary E-Zine

When I first heard about The City Fox literary e-zine, I felt my face work its way into that special Joker-esque grin I do when something excites me. ‘...specializing in the publication of dark, flora and fauna inspired poetry, prose and artwork....’ Oh yes, oh yes!   I thought it would be interesting to hear… Continue reading Review & Interview: The City Fox Literary E-Zine

A Review Of EarthLines Magazine (Issue 5)

‘We stand for a land ethic: for real and deep connections to the land and to places, their inhabitants (human and nonhuman) and their stories.’ (Unknown) Why aren’t their more publications like EarthLines? I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it’s one of the best magazines I’ve ever come across, and I’ve read a… Continue reading A Review Of EarthLines Magazine (Issue 5)

A Review of Fur, Hide and Bone Zine

‘My favourite skull. That is a lot like asking a parent to pick a favourite child!’   There is something really exciting about finding a diminutive envelope on the doormat, with a hand written address on the front, an Air Mail stamp and two letters stating its starting point - NY. (Yes, New York in… Continue reading A Review of Fur, Hide and Bone Zine

Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)

Giving a voice to the modern heathen household I came across this fantastic, bi-annual, print publication after a long, long search through other, mostly mediocre journals and blogs, and what a find. I’m so glad I persisted. It’s like when a walk on the beach in the rain turns into a really special occasion. When… Continue reading Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)