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The Pendle Witch Child

Tonight’s watching is a documentary about one of the most disturbing witch trials in British history.

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The Hair Of The Dead

I’ve been pouring over these images of Victorian ladies with floor length hair for…I don’t know how long now. But can you blame me? They’re beautiful and mysterious and sad. I don’t know… Continue reading

Trail Camera Discoveries

I have always found fear exhilarating, and would greatly enjoy it when my mother would tell me tales of actual hauntings that she and her grandparents experienced. I wanted to hear these stories… Continue reading

High Noon Creations

If I had a spare grand lying around I would immediately snatch up this goat mask by High Noon Creations.

Gloom Matter

I like to adorn my home in the weirdest kind of stuff…and if I had the cash to hand, I would be throwing it in the direction of Gloom Matter. I would take… Continue reading

Mythic Articulations

Mythic Articulations has to be one of the strangest Etsy stores I’ve ever come across. Artist and store owner Brian Richardson set up shop in 2013 with one goal – to create what… Continue reading

The Real Vampires Of New Orleans

Not sure what you want to do this weekend? Take twenty minutes out and watch this excellent Vice documentary on Vampirism. Vice reporter Gianna Toboni headed to New Orleans to get to know… Continue reading

Portraits From An English Lunatic Asylum

These portraits were captured at The West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum in Yorkshire in the 1800’s. Built to keep the patients isolated from society, the hospital was self-sufficient with its own bakery, butchery,… Continue reading

Footage Found In The Paris Catacombs

Under the city of Paris, hundreds of miles of tunnels and rooms – many of them unmapped – contain the bones of millions of Parisians. In the 18th century, bones were exhumed from… Continue reading