Sound Of The Day : La Breiche

I am constantly on the search for ritualistic sounds that satisfy this very particular soul of mine, so when I was introduced to French project La Breiche the other day, I was ecstatic. Formed by the co-founders of Stille Volk, La Breiche is 'guided by the need to illustrate the inspiring strength of nature,' and… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : La Breiche

Sound Of The Day : Echtra

I would say that for every twenty bands that I listen to, only one will impress and leave me wanting more. I was getting to the end of my tether yesterday, after scoring through the names of dozens of bands. Echtra was the last band on that list, and hell was I glad that I… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Echtra

Sound Of The Day : Anilah And Wardruna

I very nearly posted this last night, I was so excited...but, like a good, patient (ha) blogger I waited. What you are about to hear is an unbelievably beautiful, incredibly powerful collaboration between two immensely talented musical projects. Multi-talented musician Dréa Drury of Anilah worked together with Einar Selvik of Wardruna to re-work Druy's intense… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Anilah And Wardruna

Sound Of The Day : Leidungr

My friend sent me a link to the long-awaited debut album from Leidungr the other day, and it has been haunting my head ever since. This Nordic ritual folk project from Sweden is well worth your time, believe me, and De Nio Kraftsångerna is, in my opinion, one of the strongest ritual folk releases I've… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Leidungr

A review of Watain:Opus Diaboli (DVD)

‘The world you live in is hollow.’   Opus Diaboli is a visually foreboding, Black Metal banquet, about a band who always choose the option to converse with demons rather than exorcise them. It documents Watain’s growing power over the last 13 years. Vocalist Erik Danielsson is the mouth of the documentary. He’s a fascinating… Continue reading A review of Watain:Opus Diaboli (DVD)