Book Review – Black Metal: European Roots & Musical Extremities (Ed. Troy Southgate)

Whenever I hear about the publication of a new book on the subject of Black Metal, I pounce and pre-order. When the tome arrives, I savour it, lapping up every word, sometimes putting it back down after one chapter, to return to it the following day, so as to make it last longer. My first… Continue reading Book Review – Black Metal: European Roots & Musical Extremities (Ed. Troy Southgate)

Fires In The North

Please support my new project Fires In The North.   It was a common belief in Native American culture that the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) were the reflections of huge fires in the distant North. ‘Fires In The North’ is an on-line magazine which celebrates the North through multiple creative channels. Alongside the magazine, there… Continue reading Fires In The North


I watched 'Thale' a quietly beautiful, haunting Norwegian film based on the myth of  the  'Huldra' a few months back, but it's only recently that I was alerted about the entire soundtrack being available on Spotify. I must have played it over about twelve times now, so thought it about time to say something about… Continue reading Thale