Black Rabbit of Inlé

The animated adaptation of Richard Adam's groundbreaking novel Watership Down - still one of my favourite reads, I highly recommend it - introduced me to the harsh realities of death when I was well under double figures. Despite the deep feeling of terror and intense grief that it installed when I was a young un,… Continue reading Black Rabbit of Inlé

Veiled Ghosts

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the work of Italian contemporary sculptor Livio Scarpella since I first encountered it a few days ago. His ghostly sculptures, craved from stone (extremely hard to believe) and embedded with crystals have a living human delicacy about them. I feel that if I were to place a… Continue reading Veiled Ghosts


I am something of a troll fanatic, and could have very easily blown everything in my bank on trolls from Norway's gift shops. When I found Nymla on Etsy, I almost had to ask my boyfriend to hide my wallet. Caroline Eklund from Northern Sweden creates beautiful Nordic forest trolls out of felted wool and… Continue reading Nymla