The Angel Of Metal

The role of this angel? To drop you off at Hell's gates. Well, that's the feeling I get from this freakishly beautiful wire sculpture by British artist Richard Stainthorp.


Eva Jospin

I would like to welcome you to the woods...though I doubt you will have seen woods such as this before. Eva Jospin, an artist based out of Paris cuts, layers and glues cardboard to create these impressive installations. The forest – an incarnation of nature in the wild – is above all the setting in … Continue reading Eva Jospin

Twisted Childhood Fantasies

I have been in mourning since the last episode of American Horror Story Freak Show aired a little while back. However, Freaks Circus, a Japanese duo who craft creepy-as-fuck handmade dolls have managed to lift my spirits somewhat.

Veiled Ghosts

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the work of Italian contemporary sculptor Livio Scarpella since I first encountered it a few days ago. His ghostly sculptures, craved from stone (extremely hard to believe) and embedded with crystals have a living human delicacy about them. I feel that if I were to place a … Continue reading Veiled Ghosts

Odd Things

After a few days of studying the art work of Erika Sanada, I'm still finding it hard to believe that her disturbing series 'Odd Things' has been crafted using ceramics. Her curious creatures are a reflection of her sensitive mind, her bitter childhood and current anxieties.