Jungle Tribe Couture

Based out of California, those behind Jungle Tribe Couture are inspired by the smell of leather, stones that tell stories and everything that is black. I'm hankering for their Battle Axe Earrings and Bone Braid Bracelet. Truly exquisite creations from passionate creatives who work until their fingers sweat blood.

Skull Shells

Artist Gregory Halili carves intricate skulls into Philippine Mother of Pearl Shells. Shells as decoration can sometimes look a bit tired. They usually end up getting cracked, dusty and forgotten about on the bathroom shelf, which is a real shame. Shells have a natural beauty, but what Haili has done here has worked to greatly… Continue reading Skull Shells

Frodo Mikkelsen

The Danes. Is there anything they can't do? Ever since I visited Denmark in 2010 I've had an enormous amount of respect for the Danish people. They're honestly some of the kindest souls I've ever had the pleasure of encountering...and they make damn fine art too. Currently I'm indulging in the mixed media artwork of… Continue reading Frodo Mikkelsen