Sound Of The Day : Fornhem

Today was a wasted, stressful day...up until Fornhem entered it. This Swedish black metal project is exactly what I need right now to shed all my gathered angst and frustration. The track you are about to hear is taken from the band's up-coming album, set to be released this year. I honestly think it's one of… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Fornhem

Interview : Christine Linde Of Tomarum

To come across the work of Christine Linde/Tomarum was an absolute joy. Inspired by two of my favourite artists Theodor Kitteslsen and John Bauer, Linde creates deeply atmospheric folk art. Her work enables the observer to dip out of the human world for a time, and individually connect with what lies beyond. I'm delighted and… Continue reading Interview : Christine Linde Of Tomarum

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult

In my cabin in Norway, holding my copy of Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult by Dayal Patterson. If black metal is an important factor in your life you need this on your bookshelf. Buy it here.

Wyrd Words & Effigies: The Definitive Interview List

Wyrd Words & Effigies has been in action since May 2013. In the months that have passed since then, many interviews have been conducted, with all sorts of creative beings who aren't afraid to explore the darkness and the treasures it hides. Underneath you’ll find all of our interviews to date, for you to browse… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies: The Definitive Interview List

The Weekend’s Wyrd Findings

I would wear this burned wood and iron necklace and feel like I could conquer anything.  It’s created by metal artist Liis Tamm and is available through Sisters of the Black Moon.   If I’m without a scarf, don’t approach me. Likelihood is I’ll have a cold neck and will, therefore, be in the foulest… Continue reading The Weekend’s Wyrd Findings

Interview With Swedish Melodic Black Metal Band Netherbird

Read the interview here: Links:: Destructive Music: Netherbird: