Sound Of The Day : Game Of Thrones – The Bells

THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST. All day I've been seeing posts complaining about The Bells AKA episode 5 of series 8 of Game Of Thrones, be it because folk think the Dragon Queen has gone mad or because they think the episodes are getting shittier as we draw ever closer to the end. I've… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Game Of Thrones – The Bells

American Horror Story / Freak Show Premieres

It was, just as I had expected, absolute perfection. Ever since the first series of American Horror Story I've been hooked. Everything about the show is of the highest quality. The acting is flawless, the costumes to die for, the story lines are some of the best that have graced television and the effects...oh my,… Continue reading American Horror Story / Freak Show Premieres