Master Of The Night – The Art Of Sam Wolfe Connelly

I am one of these people who feeds on fear. I relish being terrified, and attempt on a daily basis to hunt down film, art, music and places in the world outside that will set my pulse racing, and leave me on edge for at least a day or so. The art of Sam Wolfe… Continue reading Master Of The Night – The Art Of Sam Wolfe Connelly

Wood Splitter Lee

When the day comes that I bring a child into this world, some of the first things It'll see when it opens it's eyes, will be a gathering of fantasy creatures from Wood Splitter Lee. You know when you find something I get so excited that you want the rest of the world to see… Continue reading Wood Splitter Lee


I would wear hoof heels so bad right now...Hoof heels are what I've been waiting for my entire life. The creator of these sexy, darkly fantastic soles is Oonacat. I have to say I was pretty much devastated when I discovered that she's put creating the hooves on hold for now. She is creating horns… Continue reading Oonacat

I’ll Take A Skull With My Tea, Please

I'm kind of tempted to try an experiment. I'd like to drop a sugar skull into my tea every morning for a week, and see how the little novelty works for my recent 'didn't sleep well, so fucking fucked with the entire world' moods. If you don't need a novelty skull to start your morning… Continue reading I’ll Take A Skull With My Tea, Please