Wyrd Words & Effigies Collaborates With Nordland Publishing

An exciting announcement! I will be collaborating once again with Nordland Publishing to unleash a new anthology into the world. At Wyrd Words And Effigies we celebrate the strange and the shadowy, the damned and unseen. Now the time has come to pay tribute to the night and its secrets. Darklore, The Witching Hour, is… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies Collaborates With Nordland Publishing

The Passing Of The Longest Night

I don't usually post my poetry or prose on here, but I think that this poem might appeal to some of you who follow Wyrd Words & Effigies. This is the first draft of a new poem, dedicated to the longest night and inspired by Heimo Korth. If you enjoy this, my latest poetry collection… Continue reading The Passing Of The Longest Night

Interview : Cyclic Press

  Cyclic Press is the new publishing division of highly respected record label and mail order distributor Cyclic Law, the label responsible for releasing the music of some of the finest ritualistic and ambient artists creating today, including Lamia Vox and Northaunt. I was extremely excited when I discovered about the launch of Cyclic Press,… Continue reading Interview : Cyclic Press

NordLand Publishing

A few weeks ago I was talking about my desire to set up a publishing company after previous attempts had failed. Well, I have some great news. I now have a business partner and a company in the making. Ladies and gentlemen, NordLand Publishing has been born! If you are interested in what we’re all… Continue reading NordLand Publishing

Spreading The Dark Word

If you would like to see your creative work featured and reviewed on Wyrd Words & Effigies, don't hesitate to get in touch. I established this blog (and soon to be magazine) with the goal of celebrating all that is strange, and like nothing better than spreading the dark word about oddities that I believe… Continue reading Spreading The Dark Word

Meanwhile In Antarctica

The first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies magazine is focused on death and dying. I've tried to ensure it has a good amount of original takes on the subject, from as wide a variety of people as possible. What struck me with this piece of art when I stumbled across it on Facebook was… Continue reading Meanwhile In Antarctica