A Review Of Werewolves: The Occult Truth By Konstantinos

‘Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers at night may become a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.’  – Ancient gypsy saying.  … Continue reading

A Review of Fur, Hide and Bone Zine

‘My favourite skull. That is a lot like asking a parent to pick a favourite child!’   There is something really exciting about finding a diminutive envelope on the doormat, with a hand… Continue reading

The Perfectly Preserved Seamen Of The Franklin Expedition

1 Grave markers, from left to right: John Torrington, John Hartnell, William Braine. 2 John Torrington 3 John Torrington 4 John Torrington 5 John Torrington 6 John Torrington 7 John Hartnell 8 John… Continue reading

A Review Of Frozen In Time: The Fate Of The Franklin Expedition by Owen Beattie & John Geiger

  ‘There is something unnerving about people who can’t be located dead or alive. They upset our sense of space – surely the missing ones have to be somewhere, but where?’  – Margaret… Continue reading

A Review of Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

‘Up here a man becomes aware of things that he can’t perceive further south.’ I read most of Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, but got bored after a while. The series started… Continue reading

Graphic Design For A Dark Age – Black Raven Design

Ulfarr / Hrafnblóð – Wulfhere. Graphic design by Phil Robinson of Black Raven Design.   Links:: Black Raven Design: http://www.blackravendesign.co.uk/ UKEM Records: http://www.ukemrecords.co.uk/   Ulfarr: http://soundcloud.com/ukem-records/ukem-ulfarr-forgotten-by-time Hrafnblóð: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkThY-dO45Q

Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)

Giving a voice to the modern heathen household I came across this fantastic, bi-annual, print publication after a long, long search through other, mostly mediocre journals and blogs, and what a find. I’m… Continue reading

Black Forest Magazine – Review

Black Forest Records is a record distribution company based in Otta, Norway, and the aim of their publication, Black Forest Magazine is to champion the bands and people they’ve worked with. There is… Continue reading

The Ritual by Adam Nevill – Book Review

When The Ritual arrived, I spent a good five minutes admiring the cover art of an ancient Scandinavian forest. It has a constricted, sinister feel to it, achieved through multiple layering and ‘ancient… Continue reading

Let In The Night

You may have recently published a novel with an ominous tone, or you might be the editor of Black Metal zine, or perhaps you are a visual artist working with obscure subjects. If… Continue reading