Witchcraft & Black Magic

A helping of magnificently macabre illustrations from Jens Parker. These originally featured in a book entitled Witchcraft and Black Magic by Peter Haining.    


Unusal Optical

In awe of Unusual Optical, and their jewellery collection Silva Spiritus. They feel very Blair Witchy...which is always a great thing in my opinion. Silva Spiritus is a collection dedicated to those that find a home and solace in the forest. For those souls that dwell and are inspired by the woodlands. Each piece holds … Continue reading Unusal Optical

Spencer Tunick

I love coming across a piece of art that has me scrabbling to find out more about the artist and their work. One of today's finds was Spencer Tunick. I'm especially infatuated with his Wilderness Installations.        


The art work from design studio Nucleo will  - Blow. Your. Mind. 'In their last works they explored the the symbiosis of wood and resin,  while the new pieces also incorporate references to stone and metal fossils. The series involves the studio’s representative blend of opposites; old and new, light and heavy, lost and strong … Continue reading Nucleo