Sound Of The Day : Leonard Cohen

Listened to Leonard Cohen’s final album You Want It Darker today. Bowled. The fuck. Away. Here’s my favourite track.

Sound Of The Day : Mistur

It’s been ages since I’ve given Norwegian black metallers Mistur some attention, which is strange because I’m normally up to date with the sounds coming from Bergen way. So today I decided to… Continue reading

Watership Down Worship : Etsy Finds

On the 24th of December, one of my all-time favourite authors Richard Adams passed away. To honour his finest work and a book which changed my life and inspired the direction I would… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Ash Borer

It’s been a while since I’ve given some of my time to USBM project Ash Borer, but yesterday I listened to their latest album The Irrepassable Gate in its entirety and relished every… Continue reading

Obsession : Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip Shades

I’m writing like a mad woman in the hope that, come February when Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lip Shades collection is updated with 25 new shades, I’ll be able to invest and… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Grift

Swedish black metal outfit Grift can do no wrong in my world, and his Samhain Celebration is another addition to his already exquisite discography. I have my muse Mlle Ghoul to thank for… Continue reading

Intriguing Instas : Hord

For this second post in my new Instagram series, I want to focus on, and celebrate¬† Hord an account which brings memories of my Yorkshire homeland back to me in droves. “BORN IN… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Lascar

Going through some of the predominant lists of the best black metal from 2016 has led me to make some exciting discoveries, including Lascar, a band hailing from Chili.

Obsession : Handwoven By Ovate

Despite being extremely over my budget, I’m still swooning over the Handwoven collection by Ovate, especially the Handwoven Headscarf in black wool and grey alpaca.    

Katie Metcalfe Photography : Something Evil

Some images from a photoshoot deep in the Swedish forests with @erzabethbathory. If you’re interested in seeing more of my photography, you can find my website here and if you’re interested in buying… Continue reading