In The Hours Of Darkness Giveaway

I'm giving away 2 copies of my latest poetry collection In The Hours of Darkness. Repost this image, tag @katiemetcalfe and hashtag #katiemetcalfegiveaway and #inthehoursofdarkness to be in with a chance of winning!!… Continue reading

Stitching In The Dark : The Beginning

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in my Nanna’s living room during dark winter nights. It was always warm, with thick curtains keeping the cold at bay, and a gas fire… Continue reading

Wyrd Words & Effigies : The 10 Best Albums Of 2016

2016 was a strange year in music for me. I didn’t listen to as much as I should have or would have liked to. Mostly because for many months I wasn’t myself and… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Selvans/Downfall of Nur

For 2017’s first Sound Of The Day post, I’d like to shout out about the phenomenal collaboration with Italian black metal project Selvans  and a long time favourite of mine, Downfall Of Nur. … Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : Favourite Discoveries

Well, 365 Days of Dark Art actually turned out to be 326 days instead…but I’m not going to beat myself around the head about it. Unfortunately, life threw up some obstacles which needed… Continue reading

Remember The Brothers Grimm

German photographer Kilian Schönberger‘s Brothers Grimm’s Homeland series is something particularly special. If you have the time, take a detour to his website where you can enjoy reams of spectacular landscape photography.  

My Heart Has Joined The Thousand

Today I learned about the passing of Richard Adams, the author of the novel Watership Down, a book to which I owe so much. We had the cartoon adaptation from 1978 on VHS… Continue reading

Anu Tera : Exclusive Amethyst Cuff/Necklace

One day I will own a piece from Anu Tera…sadly today is not that day. Apparently I need all of my organs. But maybe you can get one for yourself? This gorgeous amethyst… Continue reading

Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

After the popularity of my last Instagram series, The Witches & Wraiths of Instagram, I decided to start Intriguing Instas, a new, regular series with a broader focus. Funnily enough though, this first… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art :326 / Tate Chmielewski

I’m behind, oh so behind with this series, but despite everything, it will be finished! At the moment I’m all in love with the photography of Tate Chmielewski.