Sound Of The Day : Ihsahn

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Ihsahn’s solo work for years, yet despite this, I wanted to give his 2016 full-length album Arktis a chance. However, instead of throwing myself in at the… Continue reading

Shopping In The Dark : Deandri

Over at Haute Macabre the other week they posted a photo of a dress from Los Angeles based apparel Deandri and I nearly fucking died. I mean, my heart just went ‘okay, that’s… Continue reading

A Collection Of Wyrd Links

I’m sorry for the silence around here for the past week, it’s been…a time. But I’ve missed it here, I’ve missed it so bloody much. Every day there’s been beautifully weird stuff passing… Continue reading

Yuletide At Wyrd Words & Effigies : Katie Metcalfe Photography Gift List

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been pushing hard with my photography, which included the launch of a new website and now, the weekly release of a new series of recent… Continue reading

Live Deliciously

Mere moments after I’ve posted a gift list dedicated to The VVitch, something verging on the line of perfection  comes into view on Etsy. Eventhough I don’t touch whisky (don’t ask why, I… Continue reading

Yuletide At Wyrd Words & Effigies : THE VVITCH GIFT LIST

The other day I was over at my hangout These Unquiet Things, when up crept a new post featuring Mlle Ghoul’s Hexmas List. It reminded me that I’d yet to put one together…… Continue reading

Katie Metcalfe Photography

My photography has been evolving in leaps and bounds since I moved to Sweden, and I’m slowly getting used to speaking the words ‘I am a photographer.’ I’ve never had a website for… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 320 – 325

I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Mlle Ghoul’s Pinterest page in my ongoing search for dark art inspiration. And here’s are the artists I’ve uncovered there in the past days…… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Skuggsjá

There’s something really bloody nice about forgetting about a project, then one day suddenly remembering about it and the fact that they had a new album due out. This was the case with… Continue reading

365 Days Of Dark Art : 319 / Chiara Bautista

I was searching for werewolf art on Pinterest when I came across this work by elusive Mexican artist Chiara Bautista.