Sound Of The Day : Gaahl’s Wyrd

I've been feeling musically malnourished recently. For everything I've been trying out the past few weeks, my reaction has been like this: Nope, next, nope, next, nope, next... It's been making me feel pretty fucking sad, to be honest. I'm like a different person when I have good, new music in my life. So today,… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Gaahl’s Wyrd

Sound Of The Day : Wendigo

If there's one thing they do well in Quebec it's black metal. Whenever someone says 'you should check this out, it's from Quebec,' I'm always, always interested. Wendigo is one band which was suggested to me, just yesterday as it happens, and I've been really enjoying it. The video I'm sharing below features a series… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Wendigo

Sound Of The Day : NYIÞ

It was back in 2015 that I first talked about mysterious Icelandic project NYIÞ but today I re-discovered this massively important band. I'm currently at that point where I'm ransacking the pages of Google, trying to find out as much as I can about what the creepy as shit ambient endeavour has been up to… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : NYIÞ

Sound Of The Day : Lustre

I haven't listened to Swedish atmospheric OMBM project Lustre in some time...and its a shame really. Coming back to the music today has felt a little bit like going home - I pretty much know what to expect. But there is real comfort in that. Still Innocence the new Lustre album will be coming out… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Lustre

Sound Of The Day : Grift

I thoroughly enjoy the music of Swedish OMBM project Grift. It's solid, masterfully layered, deeply satisfying black metal that never leaves me, as a listener, empty. And the vocals...which are such a vitally important element for me in this genre...are some of the best in the Scandinavian black metal scene. Without a doubt. The track… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Grift

Sound Of The Day : Crown Of Asteria

Meghan Wood, of atmospheric black metal project Crown Of Asteria, has to be one of THE most productive musicians out there. Seriously. And everything, everything she offers to the world is mesmerizingly good. I have been listening to her latest release Haruspex since yesterday, and folks, I just can't turn it off. All of the music… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Crown Of Asteria

Sound Of The Day : Wolves In The Throne Room

Holy mother fucking shit. Once upon a time, I knew the ins and outs of what WITTR were eating for breakfast...but I lost touch. I lost touch BIG TIME because only YESTERDAY did I catch wind of their latest full-length Thrice Woven, with, what has to be, one of my favourite BM album covers in… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Wolves In The Throne Room

Sound Of The Day : Apathie

My knowledge of German black metal isn't all that brilliant to be honest, but I was still a bit taken aback that it's taken until 2017 for me to listen to Apathie, an astoundingly solid project that formed in Oberlausitz way back in 2009. Better late than never though, right? Right. I was on Bandcamp… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Apathie

Sound Of The Day : ColdWorld

It has been a shockingly long time since I last listened to the genius that is Germany's one man depressive black metal project ColdWorld. I'm going to spend some time over at Metal Archives doing some catching up on what I've missed once I'm done here. I re-encountered ColdWorld while browsing on BandCamp. Oh my… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : ColdWorld

Sound Of The Day : Ragana

I haven't been listening to much recently. Game Of Thrones Season Six Soundtrack and that's about it. So I've been trying to gather up what I've been missing. I start to feel 'off' if I go for a while without running into some new sounds. Feeling hot, bothered and a bit desperate earlier on today,… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ragana