Wyrd Words & Effigies Playlist 2 : In Memory Of Valfar

In 2004 we lost one of the most innovative Black Metal musicians to have ever breathed... And I am not saying this lightly. Terje "Valfar" Bakken, the founder of Norwegian band Windir spawned an entirely new sub-genre of BM known as Sognametal. Today would have been Valfar's 39th birthday, and in his honour I've put… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies Playlist 2 : In Memory Of Valfar

Wyrd Words & Effigies Spotify Playlist I

I had a request from a reader the other week. They asked if I could make a Spotify playlist...and they asked so kindly that I really couldn't refuse. This will be a weekly thing now. You can find it here. You will probably recognise several of the artists on there, i.e. Buzum, Wardruna and Agalloch,… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies Spotify Playlist I

Sound Of The Day : Gallhammer

My man, who usually has his head stuck in the early 80's when it comes to music, today decided he wanted to uncover some new BM by the female of the species. Naturally Gallhammer came up when he asked for recommendations on Facebook...and I was sent on a nostalgia trip back to 2007 or whenever… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Gallhammer

Sound Of The Day : Darkthrone

Have I been living in a cave for the past several months or was Darkthrone's 16th album Arctic Thunder something of a monumental flop? (Though I have to admit I'm a sucker for the album title which was, for  the record, the name of a Norwegian heavy metal band who were active from the mid… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Darkthrone

Sound Of The Day : Elysian Fields

I have just spent the past hour on Metal Archives with the intention of finding myself some new black metal - bands I've never encountered before - to indulge my senses in and to treat you to, but found myself at a horrible fucking loss after investigating several projects and being disappointed by every. single.… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Elysian Fields

Sound Of The Day : Sadness

I went in search of the origins of the Atmospheric BM band Sadness after I'd been swept up by Tundra, the 18th release since the birth of the project in 2014. I was expecting to see a wealth of names attached to the Sadness Metal Archives page, and nearly spat out my tea to see… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Sadness

Sound Of The Day : Ihsahn

I've had a love/hate relationship with Ihsahn's solo work for years, yet despite this, I wanted to give his 2016 full-length album Arktis a chance. However, instead of throwing myself in at the deep end and streaming the full album, I decided to pick a song at random and see if it did something...thankfully I… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ihsahn