Reading In The Dark : Folklore, Myths And Legends Of Britain

Whenever I was at my Granddad's house, he always used to say 'everything here is yours, take whatever you want.' He was a good Yorkshire man with a solid heart and a decent word for everyone. He loved his countryside, his flat cap, and his bargains. One bargain of his was a copy of Folklore,… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : Folklore, Myths And Legends Of Britain

Reading In The Dark : A Sort Of Review Of Trigger Warning By Neil Gaiman

When I first discovered the writing of Neil Gaiman, I. Was. Addicted. It was first his collection of short fictions and poetry Fragile Things, followed by his masterpiece The Sandman. The Sandman is, hands down, the best, and I mean the best comic book series in existence. If you haven't read it, I STRONGLY URGE… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : A Sort Of Review Of Trigger Warning By Neil Gaiman

Reading In The Dark : Library Haul

My Sacred Spaces Libraries have been an invaluable resource for me from since before I could walk. They have been my go-to safe and sacred spaces, my own little universes. The world could throw whatever it wanted at me, I always had libraries. I can walk into a library feeling horribly depressed, and within a… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : Library Haul

Dracula Redesigned

Dracula (I'm talking about the book here) has received multiple face lifts over the years, but I would have to say that the old book covers are still the most effective. With many modern designs, the story is often lost behind bold coloured, bland graphic design. The old versions seem to retain a certain dark… Continue reading Dracula Redesigned

NordLand Publishing

A few weeks ago I was talking about my desire to set up a publishing company after previous attempts had failed. Well, I have some great news. I now have a business partner and a company in the making. Ladies and gentlemen, NordLand Publishing has been born! If you are interested in what we’re all… Continue reading NordLand Publishing

Spreading The Dark Word

If you would like to see your creative work featured and reviewed on Wyrd Words & Effigies, don't hesitate to get in touch. I established this blog (and soon to be magazine) with the goal of celebrating all that is strange, and like nothing better than spreading the dark word about oddities that I believe… Continue reading Spreading The Dark Word

Let In The Night

You may have recently published a novel with an ominous tone, or you might be the editor of Black Metal zine, or perhaps you are a visual artist working with obscure subjects. If you feel that your work and creations would fit the Wyrd Words & Effigies premise, then please don’t hesitate to get in… Continue reading Let In The Night